Our Firm offers a wide variety of expert advice locally and regionally combining the traditional approach to litigation with decades of experience and innovation offering distinctive legal advice to our clients.

Our team includes mediators and litigators and represents clients in all court and arbitral proceedings. Our lawyers handle disputes in areas ranging from commercial transactions to landlord-tenant conflicts, intellectual property claims, employment issues and tort liability.

As we thrive to produce a result favorable for our client, we often seek to resolve conflicts in private settings, helping the parties to arrive at mutually agreeable decisions without resorting to a trial or even legal proceedings, choosing a quicker and less costly route.


  • Our Firm has defended clients in Kuwait, London, Ghana, Abidjan, Zambia, South Africa and Dubai in various litigations involving governance wrong doings and criminal frauds, in collaboration with local law firms.
  • Our Firm has represented clients before Courts in complex real estate disputes and in particular won an arbitration award of a significant amount in a dispute between partners in estate properties.
  • Our Firm has acted on behalf of clients in negotiating settlement offers in commercial, labor and lease matters.
  • Our Firm has acted on behalf of a DMCC company in a bankruptcy case against a telecom German company.