Our Firm advises in relation to a broad range of employment matters involving discipline, unfair dismissal, contracts, confidentiality, termination of employment, annual and sick leaves, worker’s compensation, end of service gratuities and regulatory compliance.  Our team assists our clients, being employers or employees, in both contentious and non-contentious labor law matters.

Our team strives to resolve employment disputes through amicable settlements and mediation to reduce the uncertainty and expense inherent in litigation.

We also advise employees on workforce practices and policies that prevent problems from occurring in the first place. We also assist our clients with the procedures to be followed at the labor ministry and other authorities for breach of employment contracts, termination and all other employment related matters.


  • Our Firm has counseled a senior executive on the termination of his employment including negotiating favorable terms in relation to share options and other benefits in a British company based in the UK.
  • Our Firm has contributed to resolve a lawsuit filed by our client against an American media software company before DTMFZA over an unpaid financial compensation through a settlement agreement.
  • Our Firm has advised on assessing the benefit plan liability exposure of the HR company and making appropriate arrangements to deal with those liabilities in the context of several M&A transactions.
  • Our Firm has advised on setting up retention plan strategies for companies’ key staff.